Streamline the to-do list: around the house

What could you do to knock a bunch of tasks off the “at home” section of your list?

Often these jobs are little, annoying things that really don’t take much time, but we can put off until “later.” Wow, “later” is going to be one busy day when it arrives!

  • change a light bulb
  • change the batteries
  • mend a clothing item, or sew on a button
  • polish shoes
  • wipe shelves in fridge
  • throw out expired food
  • put up key rack
  • hang picture


Most of these things do not take much time; it’s just getting started that’s difficult. How about setting aside 15 minutes, or half an hour (everything on tv tonight is a rerun), or if you’re feeling super-ambitious, one whole hour? See how many of those pesky jobs buzzing around your head you can swat down.

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