Keeping track of school papers: the Parents

While students need spots to keep their notes and work in progress, some of the things they bring home are for parents:

  • notices
  • permission slips
  • tests and notes for signatures
  • report cards
  • fabulous work that parents want to keep

It’s very helpful to have a special spot where those things go; an inbox.

This could be a basket

sterilite basket

or a folder

pilesmart jackets

or a clip on the fridge.

fridge magnet

The point is, the child knows where to put it and the parent knows where to find it. Then it’s the parent’s responsibility to read those things every day and take the appropriate action.

It’s also good to have a place to store school memorabilia: class photos, report cards, and memorable work.

A file box works well for this, with one file for each grade (and perhaps one for each activity, such as Brownies, sports, music lessons etc. If you have treasures coming home every day- and preschool/ kindergarten people often do- keep them in a basket for a while, as you won’t be able to save everything. Edit regularly. I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but I love it: once a week, choose the best piece and let the others go. Once a month sort those favorites, and again choose the best one. By the end of the school year, you will have fewer that a dozen, and if you can choose the best three or four for the annual file, you’re doing great. Digital cameras are also a great way to preserve those projects: take pictures of the child creating the project, and the finished product. Once a year, turn those into a disk or booklet. Memories preserved, and not too much clutter.

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