Rediscover your space: Reuse

It’s a great use of resources to use old things in a different, but still useful way: turning old t-shirts into car washing rags or shower curtain rings into jewelry hangers.

Today, I’m talking about reusing something for its original purpose. Something¬† you’re not using now because it’s slightly broken. (Not the television that stopped working in 1989. Chuck that and be done with it.) Something that you could fix yourself, fairly quickly, and put back into service.

Electronics with dead batteries, light with bulbs burned out, pots with loose handles, and pencils that need sharpening all fit into this category. Something else found in virtually every closet: clothes that need a little repair or cleaning.

Sewing 3

You’re not wearing the shirt that’s missing its button, the pants with the hem falling down, the shoe with the broken heel, or the tie with the gravy stain. Replacing them would cost a lot of money.

Take the few minutes to do the repair yourself (you can sew a button back on while watching tv,) or drop it off at the shoe repair shop/ dry cleaners. You’ll lose some guilt and gain the use of a perfectly good item.

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