Rediscover your space: Reduce

There is no magic wand that can make the clutter in our homes shrink. A lot of people seem to have the hope, the belief, yes, even the expectation that a Professional Organizer can rearrange their stuff and make it all fit better. Alas, this is rarely the case.

This week: some other reРwords to  revitalize the process. First up: Reduce

Every decluttering project is about reducing. Today, look for things that are taking up more space than necessary. Are there some boxes being stored (for a very good reason) that could be flattened?

worn white cardboard box isolated on white background..

Are there half-empty containers of ketchup, relish, or spices that could be consolidated? Boxes of cereal containing just one serving? Shampoo bottles with a couple of ounces left?

Resolve to use them this week or combine them with their replacements, and get rid of all the extra packaging.

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