Is it too early to plan ahead for December?

Yes, we are still enjoying summer holidays, not winter.

While we view the offering of Christmas items at this time of year, in a certain warehouse store, with horror and disgust- we also know that time flies, and  it’s never too early to start planning.

That certainly doesn’t  mean you should run out and buy a turkey, or a tree, or start baking.­³¸±

But what if you just kept a list handy? When someone mentions an item they would like, you could jot it down as a possible gift. When you see a recipe you’d like to serve at a party, note where you can find it again. When you’re shopping and see something that would be great for a stocking stuffer, grab it and tuck it away. (Just don’t hide it so well that you’ll forget it or be unable to find it later.) When you see something that you would like, add it to your wish list (along with the location, size, and colour, it necessary.)

If you’re feeling fancy, you might even drop all these ideas in a file (paper, or electronic, such as Evernote.) Just taking a minute or two here and there will add up in an amazing way, and make you look all clever and well-prepared four months from now.

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