Back to School: the Geometry of Clutter

When people call a Professional Organizer, they are often asking for help arranging their clutter. They harbour the hope that another person will be able to make it all fit into the space they have.

While we are very good at maximizing the space available, there is no magic wand to shrink objects.


Today’s math problem: How many of these square baskets will fit inside (not on top of) this shelf?


The answer:

This lovely shelf (Expedit, from Ikea) will hold four square bins or baskets inside. The bins may be rearranged, the contents of one emptied into another, but five or six bins will not fit inside no matter how talented the arranger. Sigh.

The only way to shrink clutter is to send some of it away. Toss, sell, or donate. Once it is gone, your space will feel lighter and more spacious. The feeling, if not the actual process, is magical.

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