Sort out your food

If you enjoy cooking as much as I do, you probably have a well-stocked pantry. I try to keep all the staples that appear in multiple recipes: baking supplies, canned goods (tomatoes, chicken broth, beans), oils & vinegars, tea & coffee etc.

Sometimes, though, things are bought on sale with good intentions, but not used. A jar of spice is bought for a recipe that needs only a teaspoon, and we aren’t inspired to use it again. The food you bought because it tasted good when samples were handed out at the store doesn’t taste as delicious at home. (What is it about those samples? Do they sprinkle them with a secret salt that makes them taste extra-good? or pump oxygen or aromatherapy through the store to entice the taste buds? or broadcast subliminal messages?)

oil tray

Go on an archaeological dig in the pantry. Haul out all those aging foods that are not being used. If the expiry date has passed, let them go. If they are still edible, set them on the counter and make it a project to use them in the next week. Maybe you can find some interesting recipes on the internet. Before you go shopping, shop in your cupboards and save some dough.

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