Clean out the recipe box

If you’re the family cook, you may have a stash of recipes lurking in the house. An overstuffed recipe box or binder, a wad of pages torn from magazines, or a cookbook collection.


These often fall into the great ambition- poor execution category. Maybe you had an occasion in mind, but you didn’t make the dish, and probably won’t now.

I find that an annual cleanout both reduces the clutter and provides fresh inspiration. In the process of sorting, there are some that will get tossed (nope, caviar is not in the budget; or nope, any dish that requires more than two hours is not going to happen,) and some that will energize you to try something new (hey! Grandma’s cookies will be perfect for the family reunion!)

This job is a win-win.

Thank goodness for recipe websites. If you’re debating whether to hold on to a certain cookbook, check to see if the recipes that interest you are online. You may find the same recipe with hints, reviews, and pictures.

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