Too much paper (4)

Sure, it’s great to be well-informed. But if your shelves (and tables, and maybe your floor) are groaning under the weight of magazines and newspapers, it’s time to do some recycling.

If you’re saving newspapers, consider the benefits of an online subscription. It may even be free with your hard-copy subscription, and offers terrific search capabilities.

If you’re saving magazines for recipes, decorating, do-it-yourself inspiration, or similar inspiration, minimize the pile by tearing out and filing just the parts you want. It may even be possible to find those pictures a month or two later on-line (check the magazine’s website,) and save those ideas on Pinterest or Evernote. Weightless, searchable, and available from any electronic device.

Assess whether you’re keeping up with reading all your subscriptions. Perhaps it’s time to let some expire, or transfer to your e-reader.

If you have piles of magazines, take some of the recent issues with you the next time you visit a doctor, dentist, hospital, or car repair shop. The other customers will be grateful!  Another possibility for donating (family-friendly) magazines is an elementary school. Ask the teachers if they would like some to cut up for art projects.


This is also the best place to get rid of your stash of National Geographics. Yes, they were costly. Yes, they have lovely pictures and fascinating information. No, they are not worth anything now. Sorry. Donate them.

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