What if… and your digital life

We have all been thoroughly warned to back up computer files for the What if something happens to your computer? scenario.

Spend a few minutes thinking about this even less pleasant but inevitable event: What if something happens to you? How much of your life is locked up electronically, behind passwords more complicated than “password,” or “1234?”

Bank accounts that another person may need to access, social media accounts that should be closed, email and voicemail that may need to be answered and/or shut down, appointments on your electronic calendar, to name just a few.

Pad of Paper & Pen

Start making a list. Keep it handy, and add to it as you conduct your online business for a  month or two; other things may occur to you later. Update it as  necessary. Unless you use the same password for everything, you might already have a list of some sort. It doesn’t need to be fancy; a few sheets of paper may be enough. If you like to keep things alphabetical, a small phone directory or a notebook with letter tabs will do the trick.

Keep it somewhere secure, but accessible to the people who would look after your affairs. Perhaps with your banking papers insurance, or identification documents. A few minutes now will save a lot of confusion later.

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