The computer as your scrapbook

One way your computer can save you a pile of torn-out and printed-out ideas, is to use it as a scrapbook.

Those recipes, pictures of clothes, vacation spots, decorating ideas, and dreams for the future no longer have to pile up on your desk or in a drawer.

Work Piling Up

If they’re pictures or articles you see on the internet, and they’re public information, save them on Pinterest. ( You can create “bulletin boards” with different titles to store those ideas.

If it’s a little more private, doesn’t lend itself to a picture format, or if you are collecting information or ideas about a project, try Evernote. ( It allows you to create files with whatever title you need, and store all sorts of electronic info in a very handy and easy-to-manage format.

Easy. Accessible from any computer, or even your smartphone. Free (unless you’re really storing a lot.)

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