Get your closet in shape

Now that you have removed your out-of-season clothes, there should be a little more room in that closet.

There are many organizing accessories available; some very useful, some not so much. These are my top recommendations:


First, get things off the floor. It will stay tidier and easier to clean. This type of shoe rack extends to fit different widths, can stack two high if you have the space, and adjusts to hold both heels and flats.

After you hang the shirts, pants, and skirts, dresses, suits, look over your accessories. If you wear ties, you need a tie holder to keep them sorted. Look for one with non-slip arms, so those ties don’t end up on the floor.


Something to hold the belts is also good.


If you only have a few, a smaller holder may work. Count carefully- it’s annoying to have to take some off theĀ  hook to get to the one you want.


These “pant hangers” are quite frustrating for pants, but wonderful for scarves.


Small purses always fall over on shelves. Try a purse hanger. They’ll be easy to see, and remain unscratched and dust-free.


Anything else? Gloves, hats etc? A clear plastic bin is usually the answer. Measure your shelves first to make sure it fits!

All the pictures of these closet solutions are from the Container Store. They are widely available, at different price points.

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