Crop your pictures

The great part about digital cameras and phones with built-in cameras is that we can take lots of pictures. The down side is that we can save lots of pictures.

When there were only 24 photos on a roll of film, and then you had to buy another roll, and pay to have it developed, people were a lot more cautious about how many pictures to take. Even then, there were duplicates, and a lot of scenery. Especially sunsets.


There are several copies of the same people in the same pose, in case someone has his eyes closed. Birthday cakes. Cats doing tricks.

If you love your photos, make sure they are stored in a secure format. Accidents happen, cameras get lost, computers fail. But before you save everything, spend a few minutes looking through the old photos. Use tags/captions to identify people, places, and dates. The computer isn’t the only one whose memory will eventually fail. Then delete the duplicates, ones that didn’t turn out well, and ones you really don’t care about any more.

This is easy decluttering, because all you need to do is press “delete.” There isn’t even a walk to the recycling box!

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