Children’s memorabilia

We are in the final few weeks of the school year. The trickle of paper and treasures that comes home all year is about to become a flood.

In addition to the report cards and notices, the notebooks and projects that have been in the classroom are coming your way. There will probably also be sports day ribbons, awards, and the contents of the desk.


If your child is involved in activities outside of school, they may be winding down as well. Sports trophies, dance costumes and pictures, Guide or Scout badges and pins, music certificates… whatever he/she is in, there is going to be stuff. A pile of clutter, disguised as valuable memories.

Be ruthless. Over the years, these things can really pile up. Consider taking pictures of the school projects and letting most of them go, especially if they are large and covered with glitter. Yes, you may want to save the Mothers’ Day card, but have somewhere for it to go. More on that later this week.

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