What to do with those tool hooks

Yesterday I recommended tool hooks as a product for tidying your garage. Today, a few hints about how to use them.

tool storage 001

Some tools are fairly heavy. To ensure that your hooks will support that weight and not pull out of the wall, do not just screw them into the drywall. If you’re going to put them right on the wall, find the studs and make sure you mount the hooks in those locations.

Better yet, use a ledger board. This will allow you to space the hooks as you want, support the weight, and protect the wall.

Find a piece of lumber at least 1/2″ thick (scrap lumber is good enough) and however long you want your tool holder to be.

Lay it on the floor and place your tools on it the way you would like them to hang. This will let you figure out what may be overlapped, which things cannot go side-by-side, and how far apart the hooks need to be. Mark where you want the hooks to go, and drill some pilot holes. (The hooks have thick screws, and are impossible to put in without the pilot hole.) Be careful not to drill into your floor!

Figure out where the board will hang, locate the wall studs, and mark on both the board and on the wall where it should attach to the studs. Drill pilot holes for that in the board.

Attach the board to the wall with long screws. Use several heavy-duty, good quality screws here, as they will be supporting a lot of weight. Then attach the hooks in your previously drilled holes and arrange your tools. Stand back and say “Ta Da!”

Show the family how all the tools now have a home they must return to. Admire your streamlined garage.

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