The box with no purpose

Earlier this week, I encouraged you to let go of something that is broken. Something that you meant to get fixed, but didn’t. Something that you have already replaced with a working version.

When those things leave the house, check the basement or garage for the associated box.


At first, we save these in case we need to return the product. Then, we save them in case we move (and if you are planning to move in the near future, it’s a good idea.) Many years later, though, they continue to lurk in the far corners of the house. They are a prime example of just-in-case clutter. The problem is, they are so carefully tucked away, we forget about them. The next thing you know, you are carefully preserving the box for something you threw out years ago.

Have a look around your box collection. See how many you can dispose of. It’s easy recycling!

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