Just say no to (too many) reusable bags

It’s nice to care for the environment. Every company seems to want to prove how green  they are as well, by giving or selling you reusable tote bags. This can be a good thing, if you are trying to  take your own bags to the store and avoid plastic. Just know when to say “Enough.”


If it’s being handed to you for free at a conference or home show, it’s plastered with someone’s advertising and usually full of junk. Even if you are paying for it, you may be purchasing the privilege of advertising for them.

The thing is, most houses have enough of these for a month’s worth of groceries. They are in the kitchen, the hall, the car, and the garage, multiplying like rabbits.

Keep a reasonable quantity that you like the look of, and put the rest in the donation box for the thrift store; they can use them for their customers’ purchases. Do the environment a big favour by not accepting more than you need.  Remember, the first of the three Rs is Reduce.

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