Hook up your tools

As we put away our snow shovels for the season and get out the rakes and shovels, you may find all those tools leaning up against the wall in a corner of the garage. This is pretty annoying when you want to grab something out of the tangle, and is a hazard for tripping, having things fall over onto your car, or allowing little family members access to sharp or heavy items. Fortunately, there is a fast and easy fix: hang those things up with hooks.

These can be fancy, and a few dollars.tool holder(Tool holder from Container Store)

You may notice here that, although it is designed to hold tools, there is not much space between the holders, so it can be awkward to put two wide things side-by-side.

A more flexible and cheaper option is to purchase some individual hooks ($1- 2 each.)

tool hooktool hook 2

These photos are from Lowes, but similar hooks may be found at any building supply store. You can get exactly the right kind for each of your tools and space them in a way that fits what you have. More hints on putting them up tomorrow.

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