Be a good sport with fewer bags

Since we’re in a “say¬† no to more bags” mood this week, let’s add the category of sports bags. Yes, they are wonderful if you are actually using them to carry sports equipment. They are excellent for organizing your equipment if your (clean) uniform, (aired-out) shoes, and (clean) water bottle are stashed there, near your door, ready to leave. I also keep the sign-in card for the gym there, attached by a key ring on a stretchy cord.

sports bag

Over time, though, the bags do get dirty, and smelly, and someone gives us another when we join a team, and… the pile in the basement/ garage grows. These fall into the “might come in handy some time” family of clutter. Really, no one wants to use an old, dirty bag.

Take one to use as a beach bag on your next vacation, and do not bring it back home. Let it carry gifts, or things that belong to other people, to their homes and do not take it back. Let people use them to take away their purchases at your next garage sale. Toss, toss, toss.

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