“All in the family” clutter, part 2

One category of family clutter is “heirlooms” that have been passed down to you. Earlier this week, I suggested that you re-examine those, and part with the ones you don’t really want.

This is also a good time to consider things that you are saving to pass on to the next generation. To be specific:

Baby & toddler memorabilia

If you have a collection of baby clothes and toys from your children, and are saving them for their children, see if you can donate some of those things now. Most families have at least a little of this: baby’s first shoes/ outfit/ christening dress/ rattle/ favorite toys. This is a case where a little is enough. Baby clothes, like all clothes, go out of fashion, and few will be used thirty years later. Babies also have a tendency to, well, spit up and otherwise stain their clothes; even when washed, after a few years they yellow and show stains. Toys as well may discolour, become brittle, or gather unhealthy quantities of dust and bacteria. All of these things are best passed on to young people now, while they are still usable. Sort out the real heirlooms, store them in a way that will protect them, and sell/donate the rest.


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