Organize the pantry for Streamlined cooking

An organizing headache in many houses is the pantry. Maybe it’s because we’re putting new things in every week, or because there are so many different sizes of packages, leaking and spilling, or because we always seem to be in a hurry when we’re making dinner.

Today’s “product of the week” solves some of those problems for me: the Ikea Rationell Variera bin. (Picture from

ikea rationell-variera-boxThis has a few features I like.

  • It has a flat bottom.  A lot of plastic boxes do not, and  small things in them tip over.
  • It is a good size to collect small pantry items.
  • It has a lower front lip, so small things are easier to see.
  • It has handles. Even if your hands are wet or floury, you can hang on to it.
  • It’s less than $5.

These are being used in my “baking centre.” I have one shelf that holds most of the ingredients I use for baking. It rolls out, so even the items in the back are easy to reach, and it is right beside the island where I do all my food prep.

ikea bin

One holds all the small bottles that might otherwise leak or fall over, and the other holds small boxes and cans (ditto.) If there is a leak or spill, they are very easy to wash. That keeps the pantry shelves both tidy and clean. Streamlined!

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