Old cell phones and their chargers

Once upon a time your phone was connected to the wall. The down side:  You could not walk around the house with it. You could not take it in the car. The up side: You never had to worry about charging it. It was never lost. And it could last 50 years without being replaced.MP900309300Now, I hear, some homes do not even have land lines. Just cell phones, which are replaced every time the contract expires, or sooner, if one needs all the fabulous new features available.

This has created a previously unheard-of clutter problem: old phones and their accessories. There are usually a few kicking around in a drawer or box. Because of their components and the information stored on them, they are difficult to get rid of.

Two problems solved, if you live in Canada: this website not only tells you where you can take them, but also how to remove the information from your phone first!



While you’re at it, collect everything that belonged to that phone. Did you save the box it came in?  And the charger/ cord (it has a label, right? so you know which one,) and the manual. 006

They all came in the door together, so make sure they all go out together.

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