Not-quite-good stuff

These things are shoved in the back of the cupboard. They are a source of great angst when we’re deciding what to toss, because they have two defining characteristics:

  1. They are “too good ” to throw out.
  2.  They are not good enough to use.

chipped glass

I bet you’re looking at that, thinking, “Well, that’s a nice glass! Why would anyone get rid of that?”

Well, here’s what you can’t see in the picture: it has a chip in the rim.

I tried to rescue it by taking sandpaper to the chip, and that almost worked, but it’s never going to be put on the table when we’re using the crystal. We are lucky enough to own unchipped glasses to offer the guests. We don’t want anyone slicing a lip at the dinner party. So it is never, ever used.

And yet… it’s a fairly expensive glass. And one tiny chip! How could we throw it out? It cannot go in the “donate” box, either, in its sort-of-broken condition.

What I finally came up with is a possible alternate use. It could be a pencil holder (nope, too tippy) or a flower vase. Next time we bring someone flowers, that will be the vase. I will consider this a limited time offer; if it doesn’t happen within 2 months, it’s in the trash.

The china cabinet, and that imaginary weight on the shoulders, will both be lighter.

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