Little bits and pieces

These can be an annoying source of clutter (where do I put this?) and frustration (Well, now I need it. Where did I put that?)

Essential little pieces. Things you need once in a while. Extra chain for the light fixture. The little suction-cup handle for changing the light bulb. The immobilizer hardware for moving the washing machine. The special little wrench to release the shower curtain rod.

This may be the story of half the contents of your junk drawer. You can’t throw them out. They don’t need to be close at hand, as they’re rarely used. In fact, they’re so rarely used, you may forget what they’re for. Then, when you need them, they’re impossible to find, or identify.

I gathered up those things from all over the house. Then sorted them into broad categories: kitchen, laundry, lights… Those categories ended up in some very inexpensive plastic shoe-box-size bins. Very small or hard-to-identify items are in a marked envelope or baggie inside the bin. The bins are labelled so that anyone in the family can find them.

bins for bits

Because they are rarely used, they are in a basement closet. Out of the way, yet easy to find. Streamlined.

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