Keep your old papers safe and warm

A home filing system usually operates out of a single box or small filing cabinet. When it is time to edit those files, the archives need a place to go.

If you are storing only the papers you may need again (tax records, receipts for things you still own, records of previous employment, etc.) they should be stored in a way that will protect them. Instead, what we see more often than not, is a mishmash of old boxes, mostly from the liquor store, in a teetering pile.

If your boxes are kept in a clean, dry environment, spend a little extra for bankers boxes.

file box cardboard

These are the right size for papers, are sturdier than the free boxes, have handles and lids for ease of use, and fit on shelves or stack very nicely.

If your boxes are kept in a damp or dirtier environment (the garage, for instance) spend the extra for plastic file boxes. They have all the advantages of bankers boxes, and often have edges to support hanging files.

file box plastic with files

It is a small investment, but worth it. If you’re ruthless in your editing, one box should hold 5-10 years of archived household documents. If you need to produce those documents again, you will have them in readable condition. And the tidier look will make you smile with satisfaction whenever you see them.

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