A quiet “fidget”

A technique that sometimes helps people living with AD/HD to focus is the use of a “quiet fidget.” It’s something unobtrusive to occupy the fingers, which keeps the “fidgety” part of the mind busy and allows the other parts of the mind to concentrate better.

It can be difficult to find something appropriate for an adult, that will accomplish the purpose yet look professional. That’s why these rings made a big impression on me. They are described as “meditation” or “spinner” rings, because the outer ring, well… spins. I tried one on and enjoyed the spinning aspect quite a bit. I also felt they were attractive and well-made.

spinner ring

They are available from    http://www.cahoia.com/   in the “meditation rings” section.

I am featuring this as I feel it’s a product that may be useful to my clients living with AD/HD. I have met the lady who owns Cahoia; I have not received any product or remuneration for this recommendation.

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