A light bulb moment

Well, who would have thought that there could be such sweeping changes in something as basic as a light bulb? Really, ten years ago, if we were asked to fill in the sentence: “Something that will look completely different in your home will be the ___,” that wouldn’t have been in the top five guesses.

So now they come in odd swirly shapes and do not turn on as quickly/ last as long/ provide a warm light¬† as advertised. But that is not the point of today’s post.

There are a surprising number of odd shapes and sizes of bulbs out there. Candle-flame-shaped, round, tiny base, medium base, 40/60/100 watt …, and every light fixture needs exactly the right type.¬† A well-prepared home usually has a collection of bulbs of all the required types stashed in a closet, ready for the moment when the lights go out. But when we move, and leave behind the dining room that required the candelabra, or dispose of the lamp that needed the tiny-base bulb, we don’t always clear out those bulbs at the same time. Now we have a collection of something we cannot use.

light bulb

Best scenario: If you are moving or disposing of a light fixture, include those special bulbs in the sale.

Second best: If you have already moved on, and if you are sure they still work, put them in the garage sale/ donate box.

If you must: Toss them in the trash (unless they are cfl, requiring special disposal.) Don’t save them for a craft unless you are planning to do that craft in the next week.

Ironically, getting rid of these lights will make your house lighter.



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