The White Elephant that came with the gift

It has been more than a week since Valentine’s Day, so it’s possible that you have one of these in your house- only now it’s empty. Of course it was a lovely gift, no one’s saying it wasn’t. A charming token of affection.

Heart-shaped box

Think hard. Was the gift the chocolates, or the box? That was a trick question. The gift was the love that came with it.

Now you have an empty box. If it’s a rectangular cardboard box, it might be easier to put in the recycling. But this one is pretty! Covered with ribbons, or foil, or maybe even a plastic flower!

Unless you have a very specific purpose for that container, that you can put into practice right now, let it go. These are very awkward shapes that don’t fit well into cupboards. They don’t easily store anything, other than more chocolates. And you are not throwing out the person’s heart, or his love- it’s just a box.

Special occasions can result in this sort of White Elephant coming into your house- something awkward that takes up space, and requires more care than you have energy to give. Don’t keep it out of a misplaced sense of obligation. Lighten up on the clutter, and hold on to the love.

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