Letting go of things you don’t do any more

One of the bonuses of being…  a certain age, is being able to admit that there are some things I am just not good at. And don’t enjoy. I may have persisted for a while so that I could join in group activities, or because it seems like something I should be able to do. Now I am comfortable saying “Nope. I’m not doing that any more.”



These skates have been in the house for years. I have used them a few times, but won’t again. I have loaned them out a few times, but they’re incredibly uncomfortable, and renting is a better choice for someone who needs skates. So out they go.

Most homes have some sports items, languishing unused in the basement or garage, because

  • You don’t do that any more
  • You replaced it with newer, better equipment
  • It doesn’t fit

Take it to a swap meet, put it in the garage sale box, sell it online, or donate it to a sports program. Make more space for the things you do love to do.

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