Easier office supply storage

If there is one storage product that I could not live without, that is found in every room of my house, it is the “plastic resealable zipper bag.” Several companies make them. I especially like them if they have a zipper tab, as I am not always successful in getting the regular kind to close. (Lay it flat on the counter. Line up the sides of the zipper. Run your finger over it. Nope. Line up the sides again. Push more firmly with finger. Nope. Fold over top and use a clothespin to hold it.) If I am successful in closing it, there is a very good chance that I will not be able to open it again. Maybe my fingers are weak. Or slippery.¬† Anyway, the zipper tab bag is the answer to all these problems and more.


The freezer bags are thick, so they last a long time, and often have a space to write on, for easy labeling. They are found in quart and gallon sizes. Quart size will suit most of your needs (And, by the way, is the size you need to carry liquids through airport security.)

“But there is no food in my office!” you say; “Why would I need a resealable plastic bag?”

You need them to tidy up your drawers and shelves.

Office supplies- pens, pencils, paper clips, binder clips, elastic bands, self-stick adhesive notes, batteries- usually come in awkward packages. Once you open the cellophane or separate¬† the plastic blister from its cardboard, you are left with a handful of small items that need a home. If you set them free in the desk, you will immediately have a junk drawer. Grab a bag, write on it (Black Pens)- because the power of the label is a huge secret of organizing- and… put all the extra pens in it.

If you are luck enough to have a roomy drawer for supplies, these little bags will keep it sorted and clean. Lots of bags will line up in an almost file-like system, if you wish. If you do not have a drawer,¬† a small box that will fit on a shelf or in a closet will accomplish the same thing. Label the box itself “Office Supplies,” and you will gain an amazing aura of organization.

No specific brand is being promoted here. No consideration was received for this recommendation. I wish I owned stock in the company, but, sadly, I do not.

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