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Great resources: on-line classes

If you or someone in your family, deals with chronic disorganization, organizing problems associated with ADHD, or hoarding, you may learn more about it through these excellent classes. You may listen at your convenience, using your computer. ICD’s award-winning teleclasses … Read More

Streamline the to-do list: around the house

What could you do to knock a bunch of tasks off the “at home” section of your list? Often these jobs are little, annoying things that really don’t take much time, but we can put off until “later.” Wow, “later” … Read More

Streamline the to-do list: divide & conquer

The usual to-do list is a conglomeration of urgent tasks (buy milk!), not-so-urgent (sew button on shirt), and hopes & dreams (weekend in Paris.) If your list runneth over, you can divide it into time segments: today, this week, this … Read More

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