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Great resources: on-line classes

If you or someone in your family, deals with chronic disorganization, organizing problems associated with ADHD, or hoarding, you may learn more about it through these excellent classes. You may listen at your convenience, using your computer. ICD’s award-winning teleclasses … Read More

When we procrastinate

I heard a wonderful presentation this week by Dr. Ari Tuckman, ADHD expert and authour of More Attention, Less Deficit.   (His website is http://adultadhdbook.com/) Dr. Tuckman shared this quote by another ADHD specialist, Mary Solanto, which applies to all of … Read More

A quiet “fidget”

A technique that sometimes helps people living with AD/HD to focus is the use of a “quiet fidget.” It’s something unobtrusive to occupy the fingers, which keeps the “fidgety” part of the mind busy and allows the other parts of … Read More

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